Resorts & Facilities

Panorama Paradise is a countrystay resort situated perfectly at Pinotodung Hills connected to Mount Cochrane Range Forest Reserve. Discovering the most beautiful hidden paradise in of Northern Borneo! Whare the home of nature, culture and peaceful rural lifestyle alive treating yourself to countrystay agro & eco-resort together with our friendly community host with traditional Rungus Hospitallity gives you a best valuable experience of Borneo!

Our Modern Longhouse Cottage are designed to provide guests with a comfortable blend of group privacy, amenities, and activities that enhance an already unforgettable experience. Essentially, guests of the Panorama Paradise enjoy their own, exclusive Longhouse in the hilly of Pinotodung Hills where they can relax among some of the most biodiverse surroundings on Borneo, enjoy views of a beautiful nature of Marudu Bay Ocean, Marudu Valley, The Majestic Mt Kinabalu & Croker Range View, farms, watch for monkeys and hundreds of exotic birds from the comfort of the longhouse.

You might enjoying the best sunset and sunrise view and private barbeque dinners featuring delicious local cuisine with traditional hospitality. Suitable for retreat place and escaping from urban stressed.


We are currently serve;

  • 9 units of simple and comfortable room for you relaxing attached with queen mattress, private bathroom and a step forward form the best view of Borneo nature.
  • a meeting room fit for small group meeting (10 Person – 15 Person )
  • Traditional hut boutique cafĂ© overlooking with panoramic view of Marudu provided BBQ facilities and Momogun Rungus traditional menu.
  • Private car park enough for up to 20 cars.
  • Friendly and photogenic deer farming just ahead of our longhouse villa.
  • Saba banana farm and have a try the fresh banana fruits from farms.
  • Herbs plant discovering around the resorts.
  • Camping Facilities enough up for 50 pax